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The trance is making its stance to the California lands! Ben Nicky is set to bring the trance music celebration to the city of Angels for his Ben Nicky and Friends show on Saturday, January 27, 2024, at Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, California. The British disc jockey will hit this one-night madness as he features his trance music mixed with electronic sounds. The rise of Ben Nicky in the music industry as the “leader of the new movement” is undoubted, as they bagged no. 1 hits on the biggest musical platforms like Spotify and iTunes. Now, Ben Nicky, together with the renowned artists Andrew Rayel, LNY TNZ, and Domina, is taking the driver's seat as they give a hella musical ride to the fans with their genre-blending music. Featuring their hit sets “Xtreme,” “Emotional Havoc,” and “hard techno,” Ben Nicky is on the verge of putting everyone hazy as he unleashes their dance-fuelled and nostalgia-branded music for fans to see. Secure your tickets now!

Electronic beats are marching to the city of Angels as Ben Nicky, together with Andrew Rayel, LNY TNZ, and Domina, puts on a gutsy style as they bring the “Ben Nicky and Friends show” on Saturday, January 27, 2024, at Hollywood Palladium, Los Angeles, California. The hottest DJ on the planet is on the verge of releasing his musical palette as Ben Nicky showcases his genre-blending music, highlighting the trance and electronic music that will make every fan dance.

The British trance artist will deliver the vibe to his live sessions as he made his name known across the globe with his fast-moving beats, connecting to the fans using social media to bring his music closer to the fans. Recognized as one of the best-selling dance acts in the world, Ben Nicky puts his passion into every show he leads as he treats them with his crowd-pleasing beats and fast-paced music. Having performed on the biggest stages in the world, including EDC Las Vegas, Tomorrowland, Ultra Music Festival, and Creamfields, Ben Nicky is now ready to take the Hollywood Palladium as he puts his best live show in front of the California fans to bring the ecstatic experience of musical night beyond your reach.

Ben Nicky and Friends' show will feature the hit sets Xtreme, Emotional Havoc, and Hard Techno that embark on the different forms of Ben Nicky's music. From hard dance-fuelled beats to nostalgia-branded music, the show will leave nothing but a treat as they hit the beats at their peak.

This one-night-only showcase of trance and electronic music brought by Ben Nicky will be more groovy with the addition of performances from renowned music artists Andrew Rayel, LNY TNZ, and Domina. Fellow DJs Andrew Rayel and Domina will add their touch to the show with their harmonizing beats as the group LNY TNZ puts an EDM geek for the fans on seek.

“Ben Nicky has to be one of the best DJs that I've seen in recent years. He is an absolute demon on the decks who recommend him to anyone”.

Hollywood Palladium will be the venue of the one-time all-out trance musical treat from Ben Nicky and Friends. With its amazing theater-style performance venue, Hollywood Palladium is a haven of 4,000 fans attending the once-in-a-lifetime blow as Ben Nicky puts on an incredible show. Secure your seats now!

Ben Nicky at Hollywood Palladium

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