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Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

Brooks Nielsen

October is almost here and Brooks Nielsen wants to party with you! Be there at the Hollywood Palladium on October 19, 2024 to celebrate the artist's "All Growlers Helloween" Tour, presented by Nielsen Schmielsen Productions.

The All Growlers night will feature Growlers hits, fan faves, deep tracks, oddities and more! Everyone of all ages are invited and are encouraged to wear a costume. Don't feel left out and wear your best Halloween costume to the show!

For fans of Beach Goth music, this is a must-go. It's a pscyhe-garage-punk rock music that will get you vibing all throughout the night.

Hollywood Palladium will have a spooky atmosphere to bring the best of Halloween. As one of the biggest and best indoor music venue in the country, you will surely have an unforgettable time.

Brooks Nielsen's show is only happening at 6 cities and spots are limited. Make sure to reserve your seat before it sells out!

Halloween--no, Helloween time is happening in Los Angeles, California this 2024! Brooks Nielsen is bringing his "All Growlers Helloween" Tour presented by Nielsen Schmielsen Productions at the Hollywood Palladium on October 19th!

It's an All Growlers night, and Brooks Nielsen promises Growlers hits, fan favorites, deep tracks, oddities and more! Bring your friends and family and make sure you come in with your costumes.

It's your chance to see Brooks Nielsen in the flesh. He helped craft a cult genre Beach Goth as the lead singer and songwriter of LA surf-psych icons The Growlers. He led the band to worldwide acclaim and their fan base grew while they released eight studio albums, traveled on multiple international tours, and created their own decade-long Beach Goth festival. His latest release screams equal parts blood and sand in the true Growlers fashion. And like a true Growler, he is ready to give you an uncompromised and ambitious Helloween!

In an interview, Brooks Nielsen shares his experience on the stage, "I think I get to be a kid on stage. The same way I drink to kind of get into that spot where I can zone out and forget that I’m there. I feel like I start dancing and doing things I wouldn’t normally do out of fear of, like, being an adult. I just really zone out and start dancing to the music and I think that, for me, it feels really good."

Nielsen has had a busy time for the past few years with sold-out headliner shows. However, his energy seems to be endless. Expect a two to three hour performance backed by a live band in the show. Nielsen's dynamic set lists is loaded with improv-driven tracks that will have you roaring.

The stylish and popular Hollywood Palladium will give you a great time. Situated in Sunset Boulevard with an Art-Deco style and state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, the venue is one of the best indoor music venue in the country you can get into.

The tour is exclusive to only six cities so make sure you don't miss this event! Get your tickets now for this All Growlers, All Eternity show!

Brooks Nielsen at Hollywood Palladium

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