Dodie Clark at Hollywood Palladium

Dodie Clark Tickets

Hollywood Palladium | Sunset Boulevard

If you're a fan of Dodie Clark and you are in or close to Hollywood then have we got a treat for you! As it takes place on Friday 11th October 2019 at the popular entertainment venue – Hollywood Palladium! Of course it does, why else would it be listed here! So what are you waiting for, grab yourself a ticket to the legendary Dodie Clark event today and catch all of the exciting action LIVE! All of California has heard about this event. Fans from across the county will descend on Hollywood Palladium for an unforgettable Friday night. Tickets are on sale now – don't delay.

Dodie Clark at Hollywood Palladium

When it comes to live concerts, Hollywood Palladium brings you nothing but the best, and this Friday you get the cream of the crop! It's the show everyone's been talking about – you can catch Dodie Clark at Hollywood Palladium on Friday 11th October 2019! Known for their spectacular stage presence and unbelievable talent, Dodie Clark never disappoints, and you can see them live on the Hollywood Palladium stage, doing what they do best! More proof (if you needed it) that Hollywood Palladium is the hottest music venue in Hollywood, and even California! Tickets available now for what is bound to be a sell-out show, so think fast and get yours today!

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