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Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

Fontaines D.C.

Punk Rock is not dead, and Fontaines D.C. are here to prove that! The Irish band will be taking their Romance Tour to the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, 26th September 2024. This could be one of those nights that fans of 90’s British rock are really going to enjoy. Keep in mind, that this band was formed in 2017, but they bring heavy influences from that era.

Been Stellar is going to be the opening act on this night and through most of the tour. These guys are promoting their newest single, “Sweet” on this tour as well. Although it’s a new song, it’s one that’s bound to bring back a ton of memories from when rock music lyrics still mattered, and guitars actually played a pivotal role in the songs. Punk rock kids, if they are still out there, need to head to the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, September 26. Click the get tickets button to make sure you’re in the crowd that night.

This tour that Fontaines is embarking on is promoting their newest album, Romance. They’ve already released a single from the album “Starbuster” which is quickly becoming one of the band's most popular songs on many platforms. The road for Punk Rock bands is not an easy one to travel in 2024. It’s undeniable that the genre is not as mainstream as it once was. In fact, Fontaines DC knows this all too well. They started out as a band in 2015, releasing their own singles on the Irish indie circuit. It wasn’t until 2017 that they began to pick up more steam. The fact that genre isn’t as popular anymore is a good reason to head to the Hollywood Palladium on September 26th.

There are just not that many shows of this caliber headed to Hollywood anymore. Come down with some friends with your black T-shirts and relive the days when you were part of the emo movement! Fontaines, as mentioned, are very rooted in that 90s British punk rock. They have some electronic music sounds mixed in with the electric guitars. At the same time, though, they’re singing songs like “I Love You.” It’s a cool mix that is hard to find in the current music scene. That’s why, even if you and the boys or the ladies aren’t massive fans of the band, it’s still worth it to make your way to the Palladium on that Thursday. These guys are a huge hit in Europe, and they’re also selling out North American dates.

As is always the case at the Hollywood Palladium you want to get there early. Most of the crowd’s going to be in the standing-room area. At the very least, you want to be in the center area in front of the massive stage. The other general admission area that’s behind the balconies and the VIP zones is just not as fun. You’ll see only a fraction of the stage. Knowing this, there are two things that you’ll want to do. Number one is to hit the get tickets button! That’s going to guarantee you a spot on that night. The second thing that you want to do is make sure that you get to the Palladium early. Find that perfect spot in the middle of the stage, not too far back! That’s where things are going to heat up on that night.

Fontaines D.C. at Hollywood Palladium

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