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Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California


For one night only, we're going to make the west great again! Kalan.FrFr is performing at the Hollywood Palladium on August 17, 2024 in support of his newest album "Make The West Great Again."

Expect his tracks from his album to be on full blast. Lyrical masterpieces such as "Batch Bitch on Seen," "Can't Get In," "Silhouette," "Andfuk," "No Munyon no Funyon," "Keep Going," and more will get you screaming.

The artist is changing the narrative and intends to stop people form downplaying West Coast music. Now, he is IN to heat up the stage with his laid-back and alluring music style. Street rap is going to be at its peak in this concert so make sure you're joining the event!

Wordplay is the game at the Hollywood Palladium as one of the biggest and best indoor venue in the country. It's a one-time show so don't miss this concert. Buy your tickets now before it's all gone!

The West is going in an upwards trajectory and you have the chance to be a part of it! Kalan.FrFr is performing for a one night only at the Hollywood Palladium on August 17th. His concert will feature his new album "Make The West Great Again," that was released early this year.

Kalan, the South Central-bred rapper took over the summer of 2024 with his new album. It features appearances from veterans YG, Ty Dolla $ign, G Herbo, and Spooky Jay and contains potent collection of lit melodies and percussion. Don't miss this opportunity to move to the rhythm and rhyme live as the artist performs his album's tracks such as "Bad Bitch on Seen," "Can't Get In," "Everybody," "Cool Down," "Silhouette," "Andfukk," "No Munyon No Funyon," and "Keep Going."

In an interview, Kalan explained the story behind the album name, "Well, it's pretty self-explanatory. It's about addressing the ongoing conversation in West Coast music where people keep downplaying it. I felt it was time to change that narrative, to give people something that would wake them up, change their perspectives. So, MAKE THE WEST GREAT AGAIN felt fitting. And it just stuck. It was time to give people a wake-up call and it was just like putting a battery in everybody's back."

Kendrick Lamar may have been topped the West Coast hip-hop scene for the past decade with his diss tracks. His most recent diss track against Drake became a sort of an anthem out West, pulling a lot of eyes on this side of town. However, Kalan.FrFr is rising up to take on the West with some major heat and will perform at the Hollywood Palladium.

Now, the West will be enriched in top-notch hip-hop and rap because of the 29-year-old multi-hyphenate. He has the backing of a major label, Roc Nation, and the co-signs from plenty of big fish. He is following up on a December 2023 EP "Not Hard 2 Understand," and a 2022 LP and his most recent singles like "Everybody," which has a moody vibe as an ode to Los Angeles gang culture.

Hollywood Palladium will be the home of Kalan.FrFr's music which embodies the ethos of Los Angeles' rich musical history for this night. As the biggest and best indoor venues in the country, live music won't sound any better.

Remember, it's a one time show so make sure you get your tickets before it's all sold out!

Kalan.FrFr at Hollywood Palladium

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