Kordhell [CANCELLED] at Hollywood Palladium

Kordhell [CANCELLED] Tickets

Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

EVENT CANCELLED. Please contact your ticket point of purchase to claim a refund on your tickets.

Kordhell [CANCELLED]

Calling all fans and listeners of the phonk genre! The masked Phonk artist Kordhell will be playing all over the US with his “Murder in the USA” tour, and he will be stopping by the Hollywood Palladium on Friday, September 22, 2023! The phonk music is finally jumping out from Tiktok and into the nation's biggest clubs. Join us, get hyped up, and jam to the heavy basslines and beats of Kordhell’s music! The distorted sound design, edgy aesthetic and vintage hip-hop influences will surely burn your ears with awesomeness. He became incredibly popular online in early 2022 with his song, "Murder in my Mind". His momentum is increasing even more and you can be a part of it! Don't miss this because it will be the first time a phonk artist embarks on an official, national US tour! Get your tickets now because they are selling out fast!

Famous Phonk artist Kordhell is finally performing live on his “Murder in the USA” tour at the Hollywood Palladium on Friday, September 22, 2023! The pioneering producer will make history as the first phonk artist to go on an official, national US tour!

Kordhell, also known as Mick Kenney, is a British Phonk artist making waves in the genre since he started releasing music in 2021. And although Mick Kenney has only started releasing music as Kordhell fairly recently, Mick Kenney has been producing music and is an active member of the band Anaal Nathrakh since 1999.

“This man came out of nowhere and became the king of phonk!” a fan on YouTube comments on his Virtual Set in 2022. It is beyond doubt that Kordhell is one of the most popular Phonk artists and is dominating the genre today, and his song “Murder in My Mind” really catapulted him into fame in 2022. The song became one of TikTok's most famous sounds and currently has a million videos that use the regular version and over 300 thousand videos under the sped-up version of the song. Because of this song, Kordhell gained massive popularity, attaining over 14 million Spotify monthly listeners and over 800 thousand subscribers on YouTube.

Aside from “Murder in My Mind”, Kordhell released other hits such as “Killers From the Northside”, “Live Another Day”, and his song for the movie Fast X “9 in My Hand”.

“Something about this music just gets me going. Gets me hella motivated. Hella amped up. Everything, all my senses, emotions, and strength, seems heightened. This music gets me to release things I haven't felt before. It's like hardstyle, all over again but in its own genre.” Another user on YouTube comments about how Kordhell’s music and phonk impact their life.

After releasing a virtual set in 2022, Kordhell is ready to bring his performance to a live audience as he plays his most famous tracks and remixes in his “Murders in the USA” tour, where he will be playing shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Washington, Denver, Chicago, and New York City.

Bop and rave to Kordhell’s live show at the Hollywood Palladium this September and book your tickets now!

Kordhell [CANCELLED] at Hollywood Palladium

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