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Hailing from Berkeley, American indie alt-rockers Mom Jeans is back with a new album. Following their new single "Alameda County Fair," brightening up everyone's day, the band's new album isn't exactly what you might expect... it's a catalog of reimagined songs from their previously released records. Entitled "Bear Market", the band just announced a roster of tour dates slated for 2024, celebrating their reimagined hits and crowd-favorite tracks. Part of their upcoming tour is a massive show at Hollywood Palladium on Saturday, March 2. It's definitely bound to be one heck of a rockin' night led by Eric Butler, Bart Thompson, Austin Carango, and Sam Kless. As their sound continues to evolve, Mom Jeans just keeps getting bigger and bigger. From cassette tapes to reimagined LPs, a bright future awaits the boys' jeans. Don't miss out on your live dose of the midwest-emo Mom Jeans by booking your tickets now!

Straight from California, Mom Jeans is heading back to the road. Following the release of their newest LP "Bear Market", the band is celebrating this milestone with a roster of tour dates slated for 2024. Though it's a new album, it offers a massive dose of familiarity... well, 'cause it's a big serving of reimagined previously released songs. Yep! Everyone's rockin' to the band's new takes on their best songs. These include "Death Cup" which has been renamed into "death by cup" and "Edward 40hands" which is now "40 hands". After releasing a brand-new single prior to the album's surprise release, it's an interesting move, but we're definitely rockin' hard to these new productions.

"We had all these great songs laying around and we figured we might as well re-record them," Eric Butler shared. "People should really hear this stuff.

It's surely a must. Mom Jeans is offering a new sonic experience to their best hits, and they'll definitely take the new energy to the live stage.

"Bear Market" follows the release of the band's new single "Alameda County Fair". Giving fans a glimpse of how the band is redefining their sound, it sure did brighten everyone's day. In a review by WXPN, editor Roni Birchak shares that the track is "sure to brighten your mood, as well as the moods of your happy friends and emo friends alike," He continues to share that they slightly depart from their typical genres while still maintaining that signature Mom Jeans flair. "For another band, this sound may be hard to accomplish without coming across a little corny, but Mom Jeans get it done without a hitch."

Mom Jeans is out to have fun! People did notice a change in the band's sonic direction, but come on, they're artists who explore while still serving up that Mom Jeans touch. Asked by UPROXX about how they'd like to be remembered should the world still be around by 2050, Eric shares, "Hopefully, we’re just remembered as a band that really loved being a band and making music and playing shows together,"

They're here to inspire. With "Bear Market" out and about, they share what growth and creativity look like as years pass by. "I hope we still have the ability to inspire others to start making music or art of their own, and I hope that being a listener of this band will continue to provide a positive and supportive community that allows one to connect with other cool and like-minded people."

They aren't trying to prove something. They're just sharing who they are, and their music speaks for itself. Book your tickets now!

Mom Jeans at Hollywood Palladium

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