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Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California


Fans of electronic music who are going to be in LA over the summer are in for a treat. Electro legends Showtek are set to headline an event at the Hollywood Palladium on Friday, 5th July 2024. That’s a Friday night plan that’s hard to beat! If you and your friends are fans of raves and house music, it’s not going to be hard to convince them to go. Even if your years of heading to these types of concerts on a weekly basis are a bit behind you at this point.

The Dutch duo promised to bust out all of the signature tracks that night. Some of these will go way back to their early days in the mid-2000s. That’s why the crowd that’s really going to appreciate this show may have a few gray hairs growing here and there. Don’t let that deter you from livin it up like you know how. Click the get tickets button now to secure your spot for the Friday, July 5th show!

It may be something in the water over there in the Netherlands, but they just keep producing some of the best Djs that the world has ever seen. Showtek definitely find themselves on a short list of one of the best acts in the genre. In fact, they were ranked 17th on a list of top all-time Djs made in 2014—those were the best days for the duo, without a doubt.

The rumors on social media and other outlets indicate that Showtek are going back to their roots in a lot of the live shows. They’ve been able to turn back time with their tracks. This is something that has fans coming back to see them in droves. In the last few years, they’ve produced a few singles here and there. Part of the reason why they may not be at the very top of electronic music at the moment is precisely that lack of activity. Their newest single, Grow Up, featuring City Fidela is obviously going to be in the lineup come July 5th in Hollywood.

One thing that these guys are not hiding is the fact that they’ll be playing all of their hardstyle tracks. That’s literally written in the promo for the show at the Hollywood Palladium. This style of techno music has always been popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. It’s what you’ll mostly find at music events in the underground venues and the parties that seem to go on forever. Showtek actually has a show in Mexico the night after they play in Hollywood, so the show won’t go on forever. That could be great news for fans who may be a little scared to throw themselves back into the techno scene!

The Hollywood Palladium is one of the best places to go to a techno music concert anywhere in the world. It’s not just because there’s a massive standing-room area, and people are going to be crowding around the stage. The stage itself is also extremely large. This gives performers, particularly in the techno genre, a ton of opportunities to build a special show with lights and projections. Showtek have been in this business long enough to know they have to bring their A-game to Hollywood; otherwise, they may not be coming back. That’s another reason why, if you’re a fan, you want to get your tickets before they run out!

Showtek at Hollywood Palladium

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