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Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California


R&B phenom PartyNextDoor is out with a new gem will be serving a string of ragers across the nation! The album will be promoted through a highly anticipated 20-date outing! Will you be there?! Well, if you are ready to experience PartyNextDoor’s brilliant titles, this is your moment to score some access! The Canadian-born performer is known to make waves on stage thanks to his excellent artistry! Fans in Los Angeles can witness this adrenaline packed showdown as PartyNextDoor conquers the Hollywood Palladium with his groundbreaking catalog! The show, on Thursday, 27th June 2024, is guaranteed to feature his mind blowing new effort, as well as cult favorite tunes from his earlier efforts, such as “Come and See Me,” “Not Nice,” and “Loyal." If you’re keen on seeing PartyNextDoor on his Sorry I’m Outside Tour, then don’t wait too long now! Hurry and secure your passes now before it’s too late!

Be sure to not miss out on this one because it's a guaranteed thrill rager!R&B icon PartyNextDoor presents his adrenaline raging catalog this summer! The Sorry I’m Outside Tour features the terrific fourth effort, PartyNextDoor 4 – a body of work that belts out brilliant titles “Control,” “Cheers,” and “For Certain.” This season, you can be the first to hear these staples as PartyNextDoor brings them centerstage! Are you ready to see PartyNextDoor eat up the Hollywood Palladium?! Experience these banging hits including his chart-dominating singles, including “Damage,” “Recognize,” and “Come and See Me,” among others.

His incredible work and notable collaborations have helped him gain astonishing traction on the charts. Moreover, his captivating vocals made him stand out among the sea of R&B artists in the circuit. His unique blend of hip-hop, R&B, dancehall, and more started making waves about a decade ago. The prolific performer dropped several singles with Grammy-winning rapper Drake, as well as highly acclaimed rappers Jeremih and Lil Wayne. Soon enough, PartyNextDoor has become a fixture not only in the R&B scheme but also in the hip-hop circuit.

See PartyNextDoor is his best element as he makes his way to Los Angeles’ Hollywood Palladium. This coveted show is part of a monster of an outing consisting of 20 stops. Expect an adrenaline pumping setlist packed with tunes from a four-album catalog, including his latest effort, PartyNexDoor 4. The shows are highly likely to include a few notable songs from his highly regarded EPs.

If you’re looking for a bangin' night out, this is definitely right up your alley! PartyNextDoor is known for his outstanding live performances and super vocal prowess. His high-energy sets will surely have you singing and dancing all evening. Audiences can also look forward to a remarkable experience thanks to the Hollywood Palladium’s excellent facilities and state-of-the-art sound and light system.

Don’t miss out on the season’s top R&B spectacle. PartyNexdoor’s Sorry I’m Outside Tour is slated to be the most stirring run of shows, and it will absolutely highlight the performer’s industry shattering catalog! So hurry and secure your passes before you miss out! Tickets to see PartyNextDoor light up the Hollywood Palladium!

PartyNextDoor at Hollywood Palladium

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