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Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California


Hip-Hop and The Hollywood Palladium are always a perfect combination. YG is going to be on stage at this iconic venue on Friday, 28th June 2024. This night promises to bring back some of the beats from 90s and 2000s hip-hop. If you wanna to listen to somethin fresh that can still evoke those old-school beats, YG is your boy. A lot of the new hip-hop acts use a lot more influences from electronic music. YG, on the other hand, feels like an apple that fell from Snoop Dog or 50 Cent’s tree.

This date at the Hollywood Palladium is the first stop on YG’s Just Red Up tour. His new single Wired is going to be heavily featured on this tour.

Doe Boy will be one of the opening acts on this tour. On that, Friday at the Pallidum, expect “3 am in LA” to get the crowd going. Also, he’s going to bust out the single he wrote with Meek Mill from the Palladium’s speakers.

DJ Vision is also on tour YG. He’s going to provide the perfect backdrop to a lot of the songs, plus he’ll likely be the first one out the gate to get the crowd pumped up. He’s got a heavy influence from hip hop in his music. Don’t expect things to get too electro on this night. It’s gonna be a pure hip-hop experience.

Click the get tickets button to ensure you don’t miss out! There are still some tickets left in the VIP section. This could be one of those nights where it’s worth upgrading your ticket game and living out a truly unique night.

YG’s one of the dudes who can truly say that he’s straight out of Compton. He’s carrying the flag of the West Coast hip-hop scene for the later generations. In fact, that’s the reason why his tour begins on this side of the country. It’s a bit of a send-off party what you’re going to see at the Hollywood Palladium on June 28th. One of the cool things about being on that first date on tour is that you’ll get to see a more improvised show. Artists typically are taking more chances at the start of the tour to see what works and what doesn’t. YG knows that the hometown crowd’s gonna back him up. This night at the Palladium may very well be the best night of the tour.

Other than the two warm-up acts that have been confirmed there are no special guests slated to make an appearance. However, you gotta believe that if there was a date when YG could bring on Snoop Dogg to sing “That’s My N****” it would be this one. Maybe Meek makes an appearance on the East Coast. He’d be a great guest for anywhere near Philly on this tour. If you and your boys are fans of the West Coast rap scene, there are very few events at the Palladium or anywhere else for that matter where you just might see some of the OGs. Even if none of these dudes grace the stage on that Friday, the YG show on its own is totally worth it!

Obviously, the Hollywood Palladium is known for its massive stage and standing-room area. Being here is a blast from the past. If you’re going to be here to take in some West Coast hip-hop beats, you’re almost going to feel like it’s 99 all over again. Even though YG’s a pretty fresh act. As mentioned, there are still some tickets left in the VIP area. If you're betting on seeing Snoop make an appearance, it could be worth it to upgrade. Regardless of where you want to see the show from make sure to hit that get tickets button! Secure your spot at the Palladium for one of the best shows of the summer in Hollywood.

YG at Hollywood Palladium

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