Mindless Behavior at Hollywood Palladium

Mindless Behavior Tickets

Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

Mindless Behavior comes to Hollywood Palladium on Wednesday 23rd November 2016

Say ‘boyband in concert’, and you’ll get a horde of screaming girls. But when you say ‘Mindless Behavior Live in concert’, you’ll see a rampage of girls on a mad dash to get their hands on precious tickets to the show. Mindless Behavior has fronted some of the biggest pop acts today, but now, it’s time for them to conquer the big stage with their name up in neon lights. It’s their time to shine! No time for misbehaving’ now, you’ve got to be good at scoring those in-demand tickets while you can.Mindless Behavior at Hollywood Palladium

Mindless Behavior is an American boy band with an edgy take on the urban, hip-hop, RnB genre. Despite of some band member changes, Conjunction Entertainment Inc, the band’s management team, has kept the moves, the music, and their imagery tight and focused on their journey to stardom. The group is currently composed of Princetón (Jacob Anthony Perez) – Backing Vocalist, Spokesperson, Michelle of the group, (2008–present), EJ (Elijah Rhea Johnson) – Lead Singer, Holiest of the group (2014–present), and Mike River (Michael Martin) – Backing Vocalist, Singer, ManHoe (2015–present). They are popularly known for their biggest hit singles "My Girl" and "Mrs. Right”. Their debut album came in September 2011 entitled #1 Girl and debuted at number seven in the US Billboard 200 album chart.

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