Ov7 & Kabah at Hollywood Palladium

Ov7 & Kabah Tickets

Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

Ov7 & Kabah comes to Hollywood Palladium on Saturday 20th August 2016

If tripping the light fantastic is your thing, Ov7 & Kabah is definitely the show for you. These Latin-dance pop wizards will showcase their song and dance artistry that brought them to the pinnacle of success. Being one of the longest-running pop groups in the history of Latino music, Ov7 & Kabah is an explosive combination that will set the concert stage ablaze with their pumped-up and hyper dance moves, solid as steel choreography, and mega spectacular lights and sounds production. Their long-standing career goes with a long stretch of followers with rabid appetites to have their fill of those concert tickets. Make haste, before tickets run out. Get your tickets now!Ov7 & Kabah at Hollywood Palladium

OV7 started out as a children's musical group in 1989. Their perky song and dance routine extended into the recording scene and successfully released 11 albums that have reached gold and multi-platinum album status, selling over 4.8 million copies to date. OV7 carved out a name for themselves in Mexico, Spain, and a host of other Latin American countries.

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