Sorry Papi Tour – The All Girl Party at Hollywood Palladium

Sorry Papi Tour - The All Girl Party Tickets

Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

Sorry Papi Tour - The All Girl Party

It’s not just a party - it’s an all-girl party! That means absolutely no boys allowed! Can you imagine just vibing to outstanding reggaeton tunes with your friends without worry?! Well, this is your opportunity to party like there’s no tomorrow! The Sorry Papi Tour is finally returning to Los Angeles, and it’s slated to be the biggest all-female Latin rave of the season! Enjoy top-tier tunes from the hottest female DJs as they deliver your most beloved staples! This female-only extravaganza is part of a massive trek comprising over 40 stops across major cities! The Sorry Papi Tour is definitely the first of its kind and the only party of its caliber in North America! Now, you too, can experience this all-female spectacle at the Hollywood Palladium! The event on Friday, 21st June 2024, is anticipated to be the most outrageous and exhilarating party you’ll ever see! So hurry and grab your tickets now!

This is not your ordinary girl’s night out! It’s a massive extravaganza that’s conquering 40 cities nationwide! The Sorry Papi Tour has ingeniously found a safe haven for female partygoers, and it’s not just a dingy club where they serve you cheap drinks! This event serves a massive production, with groundbreaking female DJs performing the best of reggaeton! For starters, the Los Angeles leg will be held at the iconic state-of-the-art destination, the Hollywood Palladium! You can’t get any boujee-er than that! Moreover, the spectacle is known for its incredible visual effects, as much as its plethora of raving hits! The Sorry Papi Tour also provides a dynamic experience with LED screens, neon signs, special effects, confetti, and more! Furthermore, expect a spectacular gastronomic experience as the bar provides a myriad of delectable drink choices and food. It’s a top-notch rave that you won’t catch anywhere else in town!

Co-founder Miriam Stefany Paz, a.k.a. DJ Miriam, mentioned that everything has been done to make sure that each Sorry Papi party goes all out. In addition to being the most thrilling experience, the organizers have found a way to provide female partygoers with a safe space. DJ Miriam mentioned in an interview, “A lot of women can't really unwind and let loose at a regular nightclub event or when they go out. I've always noticed that... so we were just like, what if we create like an all-girl party?” Therefore, the Sorry Papi Tour was launched in 2022. The inaugural string of shows provided women the opportunity to have a great evening without fear of being harassed by some men. Indeed, it has become a safe space where women can be themselves.

Aside from providing a great opportunity for partygoers, The Sorry Papi Tour is also a melting pot of outstanding female talents. The event hires only female performers and DJ. This allows female artists to have an excellent opportunity to showcase their music. In past events, the Sorry Papi Tour has featured incredible performers like Lexy Pantera, Ivy Queen. Young Miko and Bella Dose. DJ Miriam added that in the past, reggaeton had a very “machismo” image. But now that more female reggaeton artists are coming out, the tour provides a great opportunity for these artists to bring their music centerstage.
So go ahead, and invite your female friends and family and check out The Sorry Papi Tour – The All Girl Party! This year’s edition is titled the Mala Santa Tour. Experience the thrilling party as it takes over the Hollywood Palladium on Friday, 21st June 2024! Access to the Sorry Papi Tour is now available through the Get Tickets link!

Sorry Papi Tour - The All Girl Party at Hollywood Palladium

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