Andy and Kouros at Hollywood Palladium

Andy and Kouros Tickets

Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

Andy and Kouros comes to Hollywood Palladium on Saturday 27th August 2016

This famed duo who went on their own separate ways and forged their own successful so it's high time for them come together again and give their fans a delightful treat! Indeed, Andy and Kouros are reunited once again onstage to give their fans a reason to relive the music and take a nostalgic journey as the good times roll back with the music of Andy and Kouros. Catch up with old friends and sing-along to the music of this dynamic duo. Go, get your tickets now!Andy and Kouros at Hollywood Palladium

Andy and Kouros are a popular American Iranian duo composed of Andranik Madadian, who is Armenian descent, and Kouros Shahmiri, who is of Persian descent. Together, they embarked on a unique musical journey, covering their traditioanl Middle Eastern rhythms with western world drum, bass, and guitar. The result is an exotic sound that has been embraced by global audiences. The duo has released four albums: Khastegary (1985), Parvaz (1988), the hugely successful album 'Balla', and finally Goodbye (1991). In 1992, they pursued solo careers which were equally successful.

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