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Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

Ice Spice

Rap concerts at the Hollywood Palladium usually follow a similar line! There are going to be different acts that walk out on stage, and you’ll sometimes feel like you’re in the 8-mile movie. That’s a cool vibe, but that’s not what you can expect on Monday, the 19th of August 2024, when Ice Spice and her Y2K World Tour come to Hollywood. Expect a provocative show with much better production compared to most of the other artists that headline events here!

Cash Cobian is going to be one of the opening acts on this night. He’s an artist who’s collaborated with some of the up-and-comers in the rap scene. Expect him to accompany Ice Spice on stage at certain points.

RiotUSA is going to be not only opening, but in charge of the sound production on that Monday as well. He’s worked with Ice Spice on many tracks, and that’s why it just makes sense that he’s part of this Y2K tour as well. Maybe you will see plenty of traditional hip-hop tracks on this Monday in August. When Ice Spice takes the stage, though, everything is going to change.

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Ice Spice is living the dream! One day, your song goes viral on TikTok, and the other day, you’ve got a song with Taylor Swift. She’s only been active in the mainstream since 2021, but her rise to the top has certainly been meteoric. Welcome to the new age of music; the days of becoming a Youtube star and then a full-blown artist like Justin Bieber are a bit behind us. Now it’s TikTok that gets you to the top. You could argue, though, that coming from the world of Tik Tok gives you a bit of a leg up as a performer. That’s something that Ice Spice knows all too well and it’s something that will be on display at the Palladium.

She’s got provocative dance moves and a colorful style that perfectly matches her show. As an entertainer, she’s much more polished than most of the artists that have only been in the limelight for around 2 to 3 years like she has. That’s one of the biggest reasons why she gets a chance to headline a show at a venue like the Hollywood Palladium. What can you expect to see on that night? A little bit of everything to be honest! There are going to be the hard dudes in the crowd that show up for hip-hop at the Palladium every time out. This time, they’ll pay more attention to the performers' looks than what usually occurs in these shows. Bring your friends along to make sure you can maintain your ground in the standing-room-only area.

If you’ve been to the Palladium before, you know that the general admission area, right next to the stage, is where the party can get wild. The best part is that all you need is to pay for your ticket and make sure that you get there early on that night. VIP tickets are still available for the Ice Spice show. That experience may be great if you’re a massive fan of this up-and-coming artist. Click the get tickets button today to get a chance to pick where you want to be that night!

Ice Spice at Hollywood Palladium

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