Testament & Kreator at Hollywood Palladium

Testament & Kreator Tickets

Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

Testament & Kreator

It’s time to gear up this fall as thrash metal royalties bring unprecedented showdowns across key cities! Testament and Kreator are both giants in the old school thrash circuit and they’re here to show us why they are gargantuan shred masters! Together they serve a 33-date outing titled as Klash of the Titans! See them tear up major venues, including the Hollywood Palladium over at Los Angeles – the city of Angels is about to be painted crimson red for this one! The highly awaited debauchery on Saturday 26th October 2024 will also feature special guests and equally legendary outfit, Possessed! See these magnificent metallers deliver a storm of head bang worthy classics and fantastic neck breaking staples! Kicking it old school has never been this cool! Hurry up and secure your passes because Klash of the Titans may be a once in a lifetime thing! So hit that Get Tickets link now!

When two metal legends join forces, it’s only logical that you score yourself some access! Whether you’re an old-timer who was there during their prime or a young listener with great taste, it’s the perfect occasion to bring out your angst and go totally mental! It’s the most roaring, side splitting, and neck breaking gig that’s coming to conquer the Hollywood Palladium! Klash of the Titans feature metal masterminds Testament and Kreator – these thrash powerhouses were at the helm of the burgeoning fast picking, high powered metal movement during the ‘80s.

Together these two powerhouses will serve a slew of dates across major cities. Los Angeles, known for its abundant metal market, will get to witness these high caliber spectacle. Fans are in for an excellent plethora of classic hits as Testament celebrates the re-issue of their groundbreaking efforts, The Legacy and The New Order. These two albums are instrumental in the Bay Area’s remarkable legacy in becoming the thrash metal melting pot in the U.S.

Meanwhile, Kreator has long been Germany’s most prime and monumental heavy metal export. The band known for infusing death and black metal elements have fantastically evolved into thrash metal. Continuously evolving and experimenting, the quartet have almost four decades of fantastic catalog – including mighty tracks from their groundbreaking albums, Pleasure to Kill. Hordes of the Chaos, Coma of Souls, and plenty more.

These two titans are sure to tear up Hollywood Palladium like no gig has ever done before. Expect massive circle pits and gargantuan walls of death. This show is not for the weak so definitely gear up and prepare for chaos! Whether you’re ready to dive and mosh or stand on the sidelines and let the freaks break their necks, the venue provides ample space for different types of fan energy. You’re sure to enjoy the joint’s complete facilities and myriad of drink choices. It’s bound to be wild and you’re sure to have the most head bang worthy night of the season!

So hurry and catch these misfits go on a shred fest! If you call yourself a metal head, you better be clicking on the Get Tickets links now before it’s too late!

Testament & Kreator at Hollywood Palladium

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