In This Moment & Ice Nine Kills at Hollywood Palladium

In This Moment & Ice Nine Kills Tickets

Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

In This Moment & Ice Nine Kills

Witness the chaos of horror inspired Ice Nine Kills with the electric assistance of In This Moment on Wednesday September 4th 2024 where they will come together once more at the Hollywood Palladium. The two metal powerhouses will be spreading their terror across Europe before migrating back to North America to continue their world domination. This is all part of their Kiss of Death World Tour, brought back by popular demand for another year. Get tickets to see them at the Palladium right now - if you dare.

Ice Nine Kills has been haunting the metal scene since 2006, but fans really began to eat up their music with the release of their most recent two albums, The Silver Scream and Welcome to Horrorwood. They have been touring the world on and off these past few years and are ready to get back to scaring the general Californian public this September. If you’re looking for a scare, grab tickets to see them live today.

As for In This Moment, they began plaguing eardrums in 2007 and have maintained a fearsome reputation since. They lean more towards gothic or industrial metal and have earned the respect of even the harshest metalheads across the globe. They first teamed up with INK back in 2023 for the first part of their world tour. Now, they’re returning from the dead to continue spreading their darkness worldwide. Care to be haunted? Buy some tickets to see the demonic duo themselves in the flesh.

What’s better than seeing one iconic metal band live in concert? Seeing two, obviously. Scream your heart out and mosh until you can’t feel your legs - however you want to rock out, do it. Ice Nine Kills and In This Moment are here to create chaos in every shape and form. So grab your stomping shoes and get ready to go insane when you see the two bands live at the Hollywood Palladium.

There is nothing quite like a live metal show, with all the chaos and extremity. And with bigger bands comes bigger crowds and the opportunity to rock as hard as you can in a giant venue full of insane metalheads. It’s an experience that everyone should have once in their life, and thanks to these two bands, that is possible. Head to LA to watch this shit go down. Trust me. You will not regret it.

To promote their recently released music, Ice Nine Kills and In This Moment have teamed up to create the ultimate concert experience. Bask in the glory and scream your favorite tracks as they blast through Hollywood Blvd. Both bands will be touring the entire U.S. as well as Canada, Mexico, and Australia after their extensive European leg of their tour. Basically, this show is hitting venues all over the world - but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an individual thing. Seeing INK and In This Moment in Los Angeles is a 100% unforgettable moment - you will not experience anything like it again. So grab your tickets… before they’re gone forever.

In This Moment & Ice Nine Kills at Hollywood Palladium

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