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Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

LCD Soundsystem

Los Angeles! You have no idea how lucky you are this fall! This season brings in a riveting series of performances from dance-punk phenom LCD Soundsystem and they’re set to bring in some astounding showdowns of smashing titles and buzz worthy tracks! The unabashed rock titans from New York will be serving not one, not two, but eight thrilling ragers – and four of those are conquering Hollywood Palladium! Better watch out because this spectacles are guaranteed to pack a punch, in this case it will be booming with illustrious hits like “Dance Yrself Clean,” “All My Friends,” “Daft Punk is Playing at My House,” “Oh Baby” and tons more! Leave it to LCD Soundsystem leader James Murphy and company to tear up Hollywood like never before! If you’re keen on joining this rip-roaring genre busting rager, then you can easily secure access to the residency’s first night (Thursday 7th November 2024) at the Hollywood Palladium! Hurry and hit that Get Tickets link now!

After a thrilling spring and summer run in the U.S. and U.K., LCD Soundsystem brings back the heat but this time with a riveting eight show run only in Los Angeles! This adrenaline rushing residency is split between two premier venues – four of these ragers are set to light up the Hollywood Palladium from November 7 to 10, 2024! Now, over the years, LCD Soundsystem has garnered quite a massive and loyal following across the world. Expect these fanatics from far and wide to flock over to Hollywood for this once-in-a-lifetime extravaganza! For starters, this highly awaited spectacle is history in the making and tickets at lightning speed.

Known for their dynamic and immersive experiences, LCD Soundsystem is more than just an extraordinary soundtrip. It’s a feast for all your senses with crafty dance-punk and indie rock infused tunes and brilliant light effects. It’s definitely an all around entertainment. You’ll be sharing the venue with screaming fans while your body will gloriously be moving along to their addictive beats, whether you like it or not! Ultimately, it’s a visual and aural encounter performed by a Grammy winning rock powerhouse – this show is guaranteed to be worth your time and yes limited tickets will run out if you dont’ move fast enough!

Attendees are looking at a groundbreaking storm of hits as LCD Soundsystem covers their brilliant catalog. The multi-award-winning powerhouse has quite a compact catalog but their tracks are of the highest caliber. Since emerging 2002, the band has released a total of four career-defining albums, with their latest American Dream being released in 2017. Over the span of two decades, LCD Soundsystem has become a cul favorite and their incredible work has bagged numerous prestigious awards across the globe.

Come and vibe along to LCD Soundsystem’s brilliant titles as these dynamic New York natives serve iconic hits and crowd pleasers! You’re sure to have a blazing evening packed with fantastic tunes and top tier lights and sound. Expect a fuss free and easygoing evening at the Hollywood Palladium, the facility comes complete with all the right features to ensure your utmost convenience. Lastly, being in the heart of Hollywood, this venue sits right at the core of Los Angeles’ restaurant and bar hub.

So if you are looking at a fantastic evening of banging hits, you should secure passes to LCD Soundsystem’s exhilarating residency at the Hollywood Palladium! Click on the Get Tickets link now before it’s too late!

LCD Soundsystem at Hollywood Palladium

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