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Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

LCD Soundsystem

Heads up! Post punk fanatics will be roaring about this one and for good reason! The sensational, unabashed LCD Soundsystem is pretty much conquering Los Angeles with a rip-roaring residency and it’s a surefire rock bonanza of the season! The Grammy winning eletronic rock phenoms led by unprecedented James Murphy are serving eight staggering gigs in town! And four of these showdowns will hit up Hollywood Palladium like a storm! See the purveyors shell out hits like “Dance Yrself Clean,” “All My Friends,” “Daft Punk Playing at My House,” and more as the band serves their stunning catalog! This is one exceptional rager that’s guaranteed to bring monumental dance-punk bangers to the table! If you’re keen on catching the second show (Friday 8th November 2024) of their Hollywood Palladium run, you should move fast and secure access to see LCD Soundsystem tear it up at the big stage!

It may be just another day in Los Angeles, but leave it to James Murphy to bring some thrilling bonanza into your fall season! The legendary electronic titan LCD Soundsystem is bringing a fire eight show streak in town that's bound to attract all the dance punk heads from across the nation! This once-in-a-lifetime residency is a guaranteed rager as the Grammy winning New York-born icon serves nothing but magnificent titles from their uber cool catalog! Murphy and company greet fall season with a roaring set of gigs - four of which are to conquer Hollywood Palladium.

Fans in LA are looking at a mighty packed set as LCD Soundsystem goes over their trailblazing catalog. Since breaking out in 2005, the band has released several post punk driven titles like “Dance Yrself Clean,” “All My Friends,” “Someone Great,” “I Can Change,” and plenty more. These bangers are sure to bring audiences on a fantastic music trip as Murphy, and his bandmates Nancy Whang, Al Doyle, Tyler Pope, and Korey Richey bring out their best element at the Hollywood Palladium.

So gear up and put on your leather jackets, graphic tees, and boots! LCD Soundsystem is bringing some hip rock spectacles into your fall season and it will surely be a great way to spend your evening! The band has been known for their astounding live sets – a harmonious mix of genre busting numbers. You’ll witness LCD Soundsystem explore their plethora of sounds from post punk to electronica, rock, alternative, and lots more.

There’s noq question that LCD Soundsystem is an influential force in the rock circuit. The band, which was founded by Murphy in 2002 has belted out four commercially successful efforts, including the chart topping 2017 gem, American Dream. Known for their out of this world production and superb live sound, LCD Soundsystem has garnered a massive fandom.

Fans who want to check out this residency at the Hollywood Palladium have the opportunity to witness this spectacular run of shows from November 7 to 11, 2024. Tickets to Day 2 (Friday 8th November 2024) at the Hollywood Palladium can now be accessed through the Get Tickets link. So hurry and don’t miss out!

LCD Soundsystem at Hollywood Palladium

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