Netflix Is A Joke Festival: Mike Epps at Hollywood Palladium

Netflix Is A Joke Festival Tickets

Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California

Netflix Is A Joke Festival

"Comedy is my therapy, it's how I cope with life." This quote from the comedian Mike Epps will surely be agreed by all comedy fans this May 8 as he delivers another rib-tickling (stress-coping, if you will) standup comedy show. As part of the highly-anticipated “Netflix is a Joke Festival,” Epps will perform in the Hollywood Palladium on this exciting Wednesday night. Come to the famous LA venue and witness how it will be filled with uproarious laughter as the comedian delivers never-before-seen comedy antics. Known for his larger-than-life personality and distinct comedic style, Epps can effortlessly connect to an audience through his undeniable wit, genuine charm, and impeccable timing. All of these will surely be evident on May 8 as he once again makes the audience laugh with his hilarious anecdotes and observations that can make the mundane of things interesting. This is the show you should watch if you are seeking for something that will make you laugh all your worries away. Hollywood Palladium is the place to experience an evening filled with fun and humor, so make sure to mark your calendars ahead of time. Grab your tickets today. Start by hitting the "Get Tickets" link now.

Mike Epps is one of America's most successful funny men in the entertainment business. On stage with other legendary acts, Mike Epps can surely win your laughter using his significantly outstanding delivery and humor. The award-winning producer and performer have been in almost every comedy film you could have ever watched. He's embodied roles that make their way to tickle your childhood humor and catch you off guard with his classic jokester characters in films. As a comedian, Epps has made his way into the hearts of millions of comedy lovers through his satires and love-hate relationship with white people. Over the years, this has been somehow the brand of his comedy. Now having a net worth of $8 million and having been featured for 11 years in a popular comedy show, people find it endearing to witness Epps' comedic genius unravel on stage. Known for movies and roles, Epps is going back to his roots on stage as a performer and a standup comedian.

This 2024, a piece of exciting news comes to all Mike Epps fans because he will be part of the biggest comedy festival in the world. This 2024, a piece of exciting news comes to all Mike Epps fans because he will be part of the biggest comedy festival in the world. "Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival" will return in May 2024, running from the 2nd to the 12th. According to Netflix's VP of stand-up and comedy formats, Robbie Praw, the festival aims to bring together the world’s best comedians for an unforgettable 11 days. “This is a special time for comedy, both for Netflix and the genre at large,” added Praw. Along with other comedians like Jerry Seinfeld, Matt Rife, Jim Gaffigan, Nate Bargatze, and Sebastian Maniscalco, Epps will be gracing the festival. On May 8, Epps will be at the Hollywood Palladium for a night of pure comedy you won’t want to miss.

Don't miss out on the 11-day fun with these amazing jokesters, as Netflix takes humor seriously on a whole new level this year. The comedy purveyor for both screen and stage, Mike Epps, will be at the Hollywood Palladium on May 8 to take you on a night of endless laughter and giggles. Get your tickets now!

Netflix Is A Joke Festival at Hollywood Palladium

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