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Hollywood Palladium | Los Angeles, California


RJ, the notorious West Coast gangsta rapper and frequent collaborator of YG and Mustard, is hitting up the Hollywood Palladium this September to promote his latest project. The mixtape, which came out in February, is his first new music since 2019, and fans ate it up. If you’re a fan of West Coast hip hop, this show is a must. Snatch up these tickets before they’re gone - don’t miss out.

RJ, also known as RJMrLA, has been in the game for a while now, and only keeps improving. What he is possibly most for is his collabs with YG and Mustard, who each signed him to their respective labels. The three artists are all West Coast based, specifically in LA, so this upcoming show at the Hollywood Palladium is close to home. Get your tickets before they’re gone.

Releasing music since 2012, RJ continues to set fire to the West Coast rap scene with his latest release. In February, he came out with a mixtape aptly titled The Bitch Tape, which features a cast of impressive artists. While he’s not going on tour, RJ has been hitting up venues all over California. But since shows are few and far between, you should definitely get your tickets ASAP - you don’t wanna miss your chance, do you?

RJ is back and better than ever with his new mixtape, The Bitch Tape, but it’s far from his only solid release. His 2019 album, On God, featured many familiar faces, including Schoolboy Q, Snoop Dogg, and Young Thug. His last album was Rodney Brown Jr., which is RJ’s legal name, featured West Coast favourites Roddy Ricch and Ty Dolla Sign. You can expect to hear all the hits off of each release in RJ’s discography when you see him at the Hollywood Palladium September 14th. Didn’t get tickets yet? No problem. There’s still some left, get them right here, right now.

While RJ regularly features on tracks with the likes of Snoop Dogg and Young Thug, he has an impressive body of work on his own as well. Possibly his most talked about works are his trilogy of mixtapes, O.M.M.I.O.. The mixtapes were released over the course of RJ’s first few years as a recording artist, and as each album was released, RJ’s popularity in the West Coast grew. In his time as a rapper, he’s performed at his fair share of venues, but it’s always different when it’s LA. To see what I’m talking about, you have GOT to see him live at the Palladium this fall. Trust me, it’s going to be fire.

RJ has been in the game for years. After releasing music inconsistently throughout these past few years, he is ready to get back to work… and he’s really putting in those hours. Since his epic return, he’s released two studio albums, a collaborative album, and his latest mixtape, The Bitch Tape. Out of all these projects, RJ has put out countless fresh bangers. So many, in fact, it’s almost impossible to guess what he’ll do next. Or, more importantly, what he’ll play at his Hollywood Palladium show on September 14th. Wanna find out? Get tickets now.

RJ at Hollywood Palladium

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