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Waxahatchee, the brainchild of American singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield is kicking off an exciting new era. Coming back with her first new album since 2020's "Saint Cloud", fans of the indie rock artist are bound to be blessed with "Tigers Blood" this year. Giving fans a taste of what to expect with its lead single "Right Back to It", a duet with Wednesday's MJ Lenderman, it chronicles a longtime love. It's definitely a track that hits deep into your heart. Drawn to the thought of writing love songs that are "gritty and unromantic", she serves her unique flair to a track that dives deep into intimacy with the love of your life. The album in its entirety is due to be released on March 22nd, and a headlining tour kicking off this April. Part of her upcoming trek is an intimate show at the Hollywood Palladium on Thursday, May 16. You're definitely set to hear her iconic hits, fan favorites, and new anthems live on stage. Don't miss out by booking your tickets now!

Waxahatchee, the indie brainchild of Kansas-based singer-songwriter Katie Crutchfield, just announced her upcoming new album "Tigers Blood". The album follows her 2020 release "Saint Cloud" which gained much acclaim for Waxahatchee's signature endearing musical styles. Highly anticipated, the singer gave fans a taste of her new sonic masterpieces through its lead single "Right Back to It". The track is a duet with Wednesday's MJ Lenderman, a track that speaks volumes of emotion about a longtime love. Kicking off a new era, Crutchfield just announced a headlining tour kicking off this Spring.

"Tigers Blood" is scheduled for release on March 22nd. Talking about her new single, "I’m really interested in writing love songs that are gritty and unromantic," she shared in an official statement. Written in June 2022, she was backstage at Virginia’s Wolf Trap as an opening act for Sheryl Crow and Jason Isbell. "I wanted to make a song about the ebb and flow of a longtime love story. I thought it might feel untraditional but a little more in alignment with my experience to write about feeling insecure or foiled in some way internally, but always finding your way back to a newness or an intimacy with the same person."

Indeed, we're finding our way back to intimacy with the one and only love of our lives. She's always been a master of storytelling and imparting emotions that hit deep right into your hearts. The song's video perfectly depicts the mood, featuring Crutchfield and Lenderman in Caddo Lake, on a low boat. Like gentle waters, it's a tender melody that gets you hypnotized into her own world.

Back in 2020, Waxahatchee released her fifth studio album "Saint Cloud" with its lead single "Fire". Recorded in 2019 at Sonic Ranch and Long Pond in Texas and New York respectively, it was a critically acclaimed album highlighting her musical growth and influences. The album got her the 7th spot on Billboard's Emerging Artists chart of April 2020 while the album hit #1 on the Heatseekers chart.

"I knew that I wanted my next record to be completely different than Out In The Storm," she said in an interview with Rolling Stone. "I love all of it, but I knew [that sound] wasn’t going to be super-sustainable for me because it’s so loud and abrasive. I needed to have that experience, but I also knew that I was going to need to take a sharp turn on the next one."

Taking a sharp turn, her music definitely spoke volumes of life experiences, discoveries, and lessons. It was a relatable masterpiece. "It’s a really personal thing, sobriety. I feel like myself again." she shared.

As "Tigers Blood" starts to roar and serve Waxahatchee's newest heartfelt anthems, it sure is a one-of-a-kind experience to witness Crutchfield perform it all live on stage. Save your spots at her Hollywood Palladium on May 16th by booking your tickets now!

Waxahatchee at Hollywood Palladium

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